Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Iguana Cacciatore by Christopher Edmondson aka OMEN PHAZE

"Iguana Cacciatore" by musician, author and artist, Christopher Anthony Edmondson is a Lynchian style non-linear fictional psychological thriller. It was written in a two week period in NYC during the 2015 winter. Christopher claims to free write in isolation until he has completed the novel.  He releases his novels with very little editing and asserts that he believes the book is more of a vignette that sets the tone for his music and paintings. The novel was inspired by Christopher's experience living in Miami from "2007-20011", which is also an album of the same name composed by Chris under the alias of Omen Phaze. The book is a sequel to the novel "The Uncanny Dirtbag."
 Iguana Cacciatore

 Album 2007-20011

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